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Cincinnati Skyline

25 Best Breweries in Cincinnati

Settled in 1798 and located in the southwest corner of Ohio, Cincinnati is best known for its chili. In fact, Cincinnati has more chili restaurants per capita than any other city in...

25 Of The Best Breweries In Massachusetts

From large breweries that distribute nationwide to small microbreweries that offer a one of a kind experience, we've put together our picks for the best breweries in Massachusetts.
Best Breweries in Minneapolis

35 Best Breweries In Minneapolis

Minneapolis is an amazing city with a surprising number of amazing breweries. We've put together our picks for the best breweries in Minneapolis Surly Brewing
Cool New Homebrewing Gear

How to Calculate Beer Line Length

Today I’m going to talk about matching your line length and pressure on your home brewed keg. Trying to get your keg to pour nicely can be a real headache sometimes. But there is...
Man Brewing Beer

10 Home Brewing Setups That Will Make You Crazy Jealous

Want to Build Your Dream Home Brew Setup? Once a person gets invested in this hobby, it’s not long before the gear lust kicks in. Some people go out and buy themselves a two-thousand dollar...
Beer, Malt, Hops and Grain

50 Ways to Make Brewing Beer at Home Even More Awesome

Home brewing beer is an increasingly popular past-time. From red ales to lagers to porters, brewing your own beer is more than a tasty trend as home brewers learn new ways to blend ingredients,...
Craft Beer Bottles and Glass

10 Easy Home Brewing Recipes Perfect For Beginners

The humble beginnings of home brewing involved malt extract that was usually pre-hopped and a dry package of yeast (often bread yeast). As you can imagine, the resulting brews were pretty uninspiring. I don’t...
Cool New Homebrewing Gear

Cool New Homebrewing Gear For 2016

Counter Pressure Bottle Filler The Williams Warn Counter Pressure Bottle Filler is the perfect addition to any serious home brewers arsenal. This filler allows you to pressurize the bottle with CO2 before filling the...
Homebrewing Recipes

All Grain Vanilla Porter

This is a beer I have brewed once and it’s pretty dang good. This porter is rich, dark and creamy if brewed right. It’s not a terribly high gravity beer so it’s a good...

Kali’s Backyard Tavern

I love going out to a craft beer bar and having a couple pints of delicious beer on draft. Maybe shooting some pool and playing some dart with friends. I have always thought about...