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10 Home Brewing Setups That Will Make You Crazy Jealous

Want to Build Your Dream Home Brew Setup? Once a person gets invested in this hobby, it’s not long before the gear lust kicks in. Some people go out and buy themselves a two-thousand dollar brewing sculpture off the shelf, but for some, that lacks panache, personality, or affordability. For those people, only a custom setup will do, a brewing space straight out of their dreams. It might be you want to design a whole pub around your brewing gear, or you might just want something you can easily pack up to brew with the club, but the first...

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50 Ways to Make Brewing Beer at Home Even More Awesome

Home brewing beer is an increasingly popular past-time. From red ales to lagers to porters, brewing your own beer is more than a tasty trend as home brewers learn new ways to blend ingredients, alter alcohol content, and most importantly, improve flavor for some of the most delicious beers around. Are you contemplating a leap into home-brewing? Have you just not found that perfect lager for this summer’s barbecue season? Looking to enter a local microbrew contest and hoping to piece together that just-right blend? Why not experiment with a few of these tips to get started or improve...

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10 Easy Home Brewing Recipes Perfect For Beginners

The humble beginnings of home brewing involved malt extract that was usually pre-hopped and a dry package of yeast (often bread yeast). As you can imagine, the resulting brews were pretty uninspiring. I don’t imagine too many friends and family were fighting over the end product. Today, many home brews are as complex and delicious as any you can find on tap at the pub. But it takes time and practice to master the craft. You have to start simple. Here are ten delicious and easy home brewing recipes for the novice brewer. The American IPA This IPA brings...

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Cool New Homebrewing Gear For 2016

Counter Pressure Bottle Filler The Williams Warn Counter Pressure Bottle Filler is the perfect addition to any serious home brewers arsenal. This filler allows you to pressurize the bottle with CO2 before filling the bottle, this helps by creating a counter pressure in the bottle and eliminating any oxidation that may occur during regular bottling. It is also fast and easy, an entire cornelius keg can be bottled in less than 30 minutes. Take perfectly bottled beer to competitions, friends or anywhere your homebrewing takes you. Fast Rack Bottle Dryer The Fast Rack Bottle Dryer is a unique and efficient...

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Make Everyday Smell Like Brew Day With Brew Candles

If This Is A Dream Don’t Wake Me Up! Back in 2014 Maxwell Arndt launched a Kickstarter campaign to make brewery scented candles, basically candles that smell like brew day. After 30 days he had successfully funded his campaign and brought Brew Candles to life. Love the smell of brewing a vanilla porter? They have a vanilla porter candle. How about an apricot wheat? There’s one of those as well. More of a hops guy? Hoppy IPA is for you.  Women & Kids, your fathers day shopping is complete. While the candles are a bit on the expensive side, they...

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