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How to Calculate Beer Line Length

Today I’m going to talk about matching your line length and pressure on your home brewed keg. Trying to get your keg to pour nicely can be a real headache sometimes. But there is hope. There is an equation out there to calculate the right length, diameter and pressure to make your beers pour like a dream. The equation is heavily based on what size or type of line you are using for your brew.  The size and type of your line determine the line’s resistance to let a fluid flow through it. There are many different lines used...

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All Grain Vanilla Porter

This is a beer I have brewed once and it’s pretty dang good. This porter is rich, dark and creamy if brewed right. It’s not a terribly high gravity beer so it’s a good drinker and isn’t so heavy that it will turn away your squeamish friends. Here are the stats: OG:        1.062 FG:         1.015 ABV:      6.1% IBU:       20 SRM:     40 As you can see it’s a pretty standard porter, low on the bitter side to let the vanilla bean shine. The vanilla beans are the most important part. You need to make sure you get good, natural vanilla....

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Kali’s Backyard Tavern

I love going out to a craft beer bar and having a couple pints of delicious beer on draft. Maybe shooting some pool and playing some dart with friends. I have always thought about building my own bar and hang out at my own home but I have never had the money or the motivation to follow through with it. Well Mathew Klein a good friend of mine decided to build what most of us only dream of. To build a tavern, right in his own backyard. The Tavern Comes To Life When he relocated to a new house...

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Imperial Raspberry IPA Recipe

Imperial Raspberry IPA This beer is pretty experimental for me because I haven’t seen a lot of similar beers on the market and I have been told this is a bad idea. But I keep imagining this fruity hoppy beer in my head that sounds so amazing and I want to prove these negative Nancy’s wrong. Now I have made fruit beers in the past but this process will be a little different. This will more or less be making an IPA, but we are going to try to fit in the fruit beer where we can. The major...

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Off Flavors In Brewing

To be a good brewer and judge of other beers you need to be able to recognize off flavors in your beer and be able to know where and why these off flavors are there. There are many flavors in beer that the common drinker would think were “off” or out of place might actually flavors that are supposed to be there for certain beer styles. I’m going to list a couple common off flavors that you might find in your beer and some ways that you can avoid them in the first place. Astringency Astringency is a similar...

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