Top Five Review

Homebrewing Kit

This post contains affiliate links.  Every brewer has to start somewhere.  And is a great place to do just that. They have a great selection of brewing supplies for brewers of all skill levels. Another incentive is the free shipping on orders over 49$, a very easy number to hit with all of the [...]

An Intro To Barleywine

Bass Barley Wine

After the whole Polar Vortex happening in the past week, I’m sure many of us beer drinkers could use a stronger ale to warm the body right about now. Am I right or AMIRITE!? According to the Beer Judges Certification Program (BJCP, from herein) there are 3 types of beers in the Strong Ale category: [...]

Cool-Brewing Fermentation Cooler Review


I was recently given the opportunity to use a new piece of brewing equipment on the market. It’s called the Cool-Brewing system from To simplify things it’s really just a large cooler bag that you can use to keep your fermenting beer cool. This is a great product for those of us that don’t [...]

Beer Review: Dogfish Head 120min IPA


Where do you begin with this beer? It takes quite the beer drinker to even be able to stomach a beer of this magnitude. This beer only comes out in small batches and is usually hard to find when it does, but that doesn’t stop people from seeking it out in droves. After I had [...]

The Malting Process


We all take for granted today the malting process. Our brew stores online and off sell us wide varieties of malted grains that are ready for brewing. There are few home brewers that still buy un-malted grains to do it themselves. But it is important even if you don’t do it yourself to understand what [...]

Hey Brewers – There is a New Beer Out!


Hello Everyone! My name is Kelly and I am Ryan’s awesome wife who did this… My mistake is now something we can look back at and laugh. I don’t partake in Ryan’s home brewing much. At times he will have me watch over the stove while he runs to grab some piece of equipment. I [...]

All Grain Vanilla Porter


  This is a beer I have brewed once and it’s pretty dang good. This porter is rich, dark and creamy if brewed right. It’s not a terribly high gravity beer so it’s a good drinker and isn’t so heavy that it will turn away your squeamish friends. Here are the stats: OG:        1.062 FG:         [...]

Where Did The IPA Come From?


Every craft brewer and beer drinker knows of the India Pale Ale. This pale, hoppy, and medium alcohol beer is a staple in the craft beer world. Many of these people also believe that they know of some story of how the IPA came to be. There are many different, but similar stories about how [...]

How to Calculate Beer Line Length


Today I’m going to talk about matching your line length and pressure on your home brewed keg. Trying to get your keg to pour nicely can be a real headache sometimes. But there is hope. There is an equation out there to calculate the right length, diameter and pressure to make your beers pour like [...]

Imperial Raspberry IPA Recipe


Imperial Raspberry IPA This beer is pretty experimental for me because I haven’t seen a lot of similar beers on the market and I have been told this is a bad idea. But I keep imagining this fruity hoppy beer in my head that sounds so amazing and I want to prove these negative Nancy’s [...]