Imperial Raspberry IPA Recipe


Imperial Raspberry IPA This beer is pretty experimental for me because I haven’t seen a lot of similar beers on the market and I have been told this is a bad idea. But I keep imagining this fruity hoppy beer in my head that sounds so amazing and I want to prove these negative Nancy’s […]

Beer Myths for Dummies


I recently saw this awesome infographic from Karl Strauss Brewing Co. while browsing the webs and thought this would be a run share with the Home Brewing Blog readers. So, with their permission, here are some common beer myths de-bunked. Hint: Don’t believe everything the big beer commercials tell you!   by: Karl Strauss. Post […]

Homebrewer Of The Month: Sean Besser Hank

Sean Besser Hank

A while ago I had the pleasure of meeting Sean Besser Hank, a homebrewer here in the Minneapolis area. He allowed me to come into his home, showed me all of his awesome homebrewing stuff (and awards) and chatted with me for nearly two hours. It was a great time to learn how Sean got […]

Award Winning Blackberry Wheat Recipe


This amazing recipe is from our Homebrewer of the Month, Sean Besser Hank. Read his complete interview and give him a huge thanks for this recipe. Also make sure to let us know how your Blackberry Wheat turns out! Blackberry Wheat (All Grain): Grain: 5.0 lb – Wheat Malt US 3.0 lb – 2 Row […]

Off Flavors In Brewing


To be a good brewer and judge of other beers you need to be able to recognize off flavors in your beer and be able to know where and why these off flavors are there. There are many flavors in beer that the common drinker would think were “off” or out of place might actually […]

All Citra Imperial IPA


All Citra Imperial IPA Type:All grain Batch size: 5.5 gal ABV: 8% obo OG: 1.085 FG: 1.024 IBU: 75 obo SRM: 8 This beer is made entirely with Citra hops. Citra hops are known for their amazing aroma qualities as well as their fruity flavors that they impart on the beer. This beer was not […]

American Light Lagers Explained: A Brief History


We all know it but don’t want to admit that The U.S. is known for its light watery mass produced beers. Thankfully over the last twenty years we went from one of the worst beer producing countries in the world to the country that produces more varieties of beer than anywhere else. But it seems […]

Mashing: Alphas and Betas


In all-grain brewing, mashing is the most customizable part of the brewing process. Whether you use a single mash infusion, a stepping mash or a decoction mash, the goal of mashing is the same in most cases, to get out the fermentable sugars and malt extract into your brew. If you use one method and […]

Lazy Homebrewing – Making Beer As Cheap & Easy As Possible

Cheap Beer

So you want to brew as easy as possible, and as cheaply as possible. Well I’m here to help. The following is a guide to absolute bare bones brewing. We’re not going to buy anything we don’t have to, we’re going to ignore best practices, and we’re still going to make some pretty good beer. […]

Storing Your Bulk Orders


Purchasing ingredients in bulk is a great way to save money as long as you use them all. The problem having bulk amounts of anything is not wasting some because it went bad. every one has made that mistake at a food club of buying the 200 pack of hamburger only to have used 25 by the time […]

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